Level Up Testing

Test Prep Session & Testing Session

Level 0 = White Band

Level 1 = Yellow & Orange Bands

Level 2 = Green &Purple Bands

Level 3 = Blue & Red Bands

See the skills required for your student on the parent Portal!

Prep = $20 + tax

Have you completed all the skills for level 1?  Level 2? Or just want to see how close you are?


Test Prep sessions are a 3-hour classes with multiple stations you can practice in testing conditions without all the pressure.  Practice your skills over & over until you are ready.

Look in the Parent Portal                    for a list of skills (instructional videos coming soon!)

Testing sessions ($30 + Tax per test) are a 3-hour classes with multiple stations to test skills.  Coaches will explain each skill test and standards.  Each test will include Parkour Skills & a Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course.