Meet the Coaches

Thomas Stillings (Owner)
  • Training Parkour/Freerunning for 15 years

  • Competitor on American Ninja Warrior for season 7, 8, 9, 10 & 12 making it to Stage 2 of the national finals in Las Vegas every year

  • Fastest time in Oklahoma City qualifying during season 8

  • Second Fastest time in San Antonio City qualifying and city finals during season 9

  • Team Captain for Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 on the team The Wings

  • Team Captain for ANW Ninja vs Ninja on the team The 3 Wishes

  • Teaching parkour, gymnastics and tumbling for 12 years

  • Worked with the nonprofit LOPSBA group for 5 years to get safe place for the community to train and play

  • ADAPT Parkour Lv1 Coach Certified

  • Parkour Lv 2 Certified coach through USA parkour

  • Wolf Pack Pro Athlete

  • Lead Course designer for NNL World Championships 2020

  • Professional obstacle course tester for NBC American Ninja Warrior Season 11

  • President of the Texas Ninja League

  • Board Member for USA Gymnastics Parkour Committee

Nathan Valdez (Head Coach/Manager)
  • MOVNAT Lv 2 Certified Coach

  • 9 Years Parkour

  • 2 Year Parkour Coach

  • 2 Year Ninja Coach

Wesley De La Rosa
  • Personal Trainer 7 years

  • Assisted Clients in Passing PT tests for Military

  • Track Coach for River City Runners Track Club

  • Competitor on American Ninja Warrior Season 9 San Antonio Qualifying

  • US OCR Championship competitor

  • Regular elite competitor in Obstacle Course Races (Spartan, Conquer the Gauntlet, tough Mudder, etc....)

  • MOVNAT Lv 1 Certified Coach

Moises Reyes
  • ANW Show competitor

  • Parkour Coach

  • Ninja Coach

Carolina "Caro" Fuentes
  • Parkour coach

  • Ninja coach

  • 6 years Parkour

  • 8 years of various sports and fitness activities: cross country, soccer, track, CrossFit

  • 11 years working with kids ages 4-15 as camp counselor, scout leader, games and activities leader, teacher, tutor