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Parkour Ninjas Competitions

If you or your child is a new competitor, please log onto the Parent Portal after clicking the link for the Comp below in the calendar to fill out the registration form and complete our waiver. or you can fill out a wavier from our home page!

For the USA comp we will start with a 10 min warm up on the course. then we will take the next 15 min to explain rules and demonstrate the course. we will then give 5 extra min to practice the course after rules.

Students will only be given one Run to get the fastest possible time! 

Competition dates:

NOV 11th  USA Speed Qualifier!


Age Groups and Times:

Little Ninjas 5&6 - 10am 

Little ninjas 7&8  - 12noon

Parkour Kids 9-11 - 2pm

Young Pros 12-15 - 4pm

Adult Pros 16+ - 6pm

Please register at the calender below

For existing competitors/students, please click on the Access Your Account link here.

For new competitors, please click on the time you need to sign up for in the calendar below. That will prompt a separate pop-up window to input information.

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If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please contact: (210) 430-5957

Parkour Ninjas Competitions Schedule

 If you are viewing the calendar from a mobile device you may have to slide left and right to view each day or rotate your phone.
Competition Results

Competition Results

Please visit the NNL Website for competition results

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