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Price: Additional $125 to any party package

Hosting Parents can improve the experience by helping with 3 things:
1) - Reply via email and let us know the expected number of guests (please update us as this changes) so we can have your party appropriately staffed
3) - Fill out our Party Form and return via email
2) - Save your guests some time and email our waiver link to your guests in advance:

Parkour Ninjas Party Information

  • Please click on the time you want to book.  Number of available parties per time slot are shown in parenthesis (1).  When the number is (0), please choose another time.

  • Parents will be required to complete our Party Form on the day of the party to certify the number of guests and determine the number of extra party passes required - you may pay in advance!  PLEASE Let us know the approximate number of guests via email - we want to have the appropriate number of staff scheduled!!!!

  • The birthday participant, spectating adults, and children under 4 years old are not included in the number of guests. 

  • Includes 1 hour of guided play, 30 minutes for food, 30 minutes of Open Gym

  • All participants must have a waiver signed by their parent/guardian.

  • Food of any kind is allowed. If you need help distributing food, please let us know beforehand. No alcohol is permitted on facility property at any time.

  • Please plan on bringing table coverings, plates, napkins, and utensils. We provide the chairs and up to 6 tables that are 6ft x 2ft x 3in in size. The tables seat about 6-7 kids per table. Please bring the number of table coverings that you will need for your size party. 

  • Decorations to put up on walls and tables are allowed.

  • The gym is open to the public during the party (except during private or after-hours party option).

  • $50 is non-refundable if you cancel your party.

  • Party payments are typically processed on the day of the party. Please have patience if your card is not immediately charged. 

  • Our instructors are included in the party price. Tips for instructors are optional, but always highly appreciated.

Party Types & Prices (*tax NOT included)

5% discount for Military, Veterans & First Responders

Ninja Party

Price: $250*     Guests: 10
Extra Party Pass:
5 kids:  $75*
10 kids:  $125*
15 kids:  $150*

Private Ninja Party

(Pending staff availability - not guarenteed)

Price: $375*
Guests: 25
Extra Party Pass:

5 kids:  $75*
10 kids:  $125*
15 kids:  $150* 

After Hours Party

(Pending staff availability - not guarenteed)

Price: $425*
Guests: 25
Extra Party Pass:

5 kids:  $75*
10 kids:  $125*
15 kids:  $150*

Thomas "The Genie Ninja" Stillings will Host your party

(Pending staff availability - not guarenteed)

Price: $125*

Pick your party date and time below:

Dates shown with a "(1)" on the calendar are available.