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Explore movement in a whole new way at Parkour Ninjas, a locally owned gym dedicated to sharing the world of movement with our community. Taught by experienced coaches, our classes show you everything you need to become a parkour/Ninja Warrior master. It's a great way for students of all ages to stay and shape and have fun while they're at it. We also offer Ninja Warrior training, with four-time national finalist Thomas "The Genie Ninja" Stillings leading the way. Along with Adult Movement classes, party rentals, and after-school programs, we're proud to offer plenty of ways to grow a healthy community.

Parkour Ninjas was established in late 2016 and opened for business in February 2017. Thomas Stillings established this business with his close friend, Mike Avery. They both shared a vision of how a parkour community could be grown, and committed themselves to a dream of a gym built for the community, in the community, and by the community. They developed the Parkour Ninjas system of several years until they were ready to start the company. This is the first gym of its kind in San Antonio, Texas for ALL ages. This gym promotes the growth and shared knowledge of movement fitness. The type of classes we offer include Parkour, Freerunning, Tumbling, and Ninja Warrior Obstacle training.

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